Deerwood RV Park (Eugene, OR)

Deerwood is a little south of Eugene but we were making super last minute plans and only staying the one night. It had a little tricky entrance/exit but otherwise was fine – good wifi and all the hookups. We did have to ask a lady blocking the road to come out and move her car when we pulled out in the morning proving some folks are just clueless.

I had big plans to run on all the cool trails in Eugene so we made it an overnight to break up the drive from Bend to the beach. However, Bend had completely worn me out and I took a giant nap as soon as we set up camp. Tom went to the store for dinner supplies and cough medicine bc I was still fighting that nasty flew monster. I had even picked out a cool bar to go out after we ate and maybe find some live music. But it turned into a movie night and the rainy morning meant no wake up run either. Apparently I was just totally spent and still kinda sick and needed to rest. So we saw nothing and did nothing. I am bummed but we have been really busy and it was time to respect my body needing some down time (Tom was quick to agree). And that’s that.

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