Navigational Assistance

Seeing as how I can’t even find certain posts on my own site, I thought I’d make some quick links by topic to assist anyone looking for something specific-ish.

This site was originally created to document my “sabbatical” when I left Charlotte for a year of traveling. So here are some links to get you to those adventures:

The genesis

Europe – highlights include Belgium and Salzburg (also Croatia and Amsterdam but apparently I never posted them, one of these days….)

When in South Africa…

Africa – omg I just realized I never blogged Africa either!! 

North America

Ironman Numero Uno

Then after the big race I settled into Seattle for a while and admittedly didn’t write much. Life got busy doing taxes and training for Ironman Numero Dos.

After that France Ironman adventure, I ditched the CPA life for an Airstream and that all starts about here with highlights as follows:


New Mexico (Parts A, B, C)

Not wanting to return to the wet, gray winter of the PNW, I settled into Tucson to replenish the coffers and train for Ironman Numero Tres.

Stay tuned for more fun in the sun!