*this is not a political post*

New Years’ Eve Eve was the day I knew I’d caught whatever nasty bug had been plaguing my mother for weeks. My sister had just left for her in-laws’ but Tom and I had not yet made plans for after the holidays. Regular New Years’ Eve passed uneventfully.

Coach Kelly had big things in mind for me for the year – mainly capitalizing on our vagabond lifestyle to train like pros – but I wasn’t feeling very New Year Resolution-y. All the same, those relentlessly positive twins were blowing up the team page with all sorts of articles about goal setting and such. One article author also had an ebook on Transforming Habits (James Clear) which I downloaded during an uninteresting football game. I could always use a few good behavioral modifications. It made me feel more productive just to read about being more productive!

Somewhere along the lines I developed a bad habit of not finishing books. I distinctly remember not finishing The Shack years ago, because I just didn’t really like it. [Ironic that I saw the trailer for it tonight at the theatre and actually think it looks like a great movie.] I have two books in the trailer I haven’t finished and two more I left in Portland. My brother-in-law gave me a kindle book for Christmas. Judy is always pawning something off on me when I visit. So here’s a goal staring me right in the face: read more. Finish what I started. Take it one step further – read every day. What better than a week sick in bed to get a jump start? Gee, thanks mom.

But really, I could have a yummy Netflix binge and still have plenty of time for epsom salt baths, good literature, and getting back to this blog. 

I won’t make you beg – Netflix binging selection: all 7 seasons of The West Wing because A) Aaron Sorkin B) –> Bradley Whitford and C) current politics. This is probably my third time through. Bartlet for America!

And for the reading… finish Present Over Perfect, check. Finish The Paris Architect, check. Start/Finish When Breath Becomes Air. All highly recommended. Diverse set.

Next up: finish Traveling Mercies and Dead Wake. Both great, just set aside for no good reason in the last few months. In the moments between I’m back to perusing articles on my Flipboard and Skimm apps. (I actually moved my social media icons to the second screen on my phone and put the eMag apps in their place, then I patted myself on the back.)

It’s weird how not working can make me crave thought-provoking material. When you crunch tax return figures all day it’s so easy to veg out at night with phenomenally stupid shows. Touring around in the Airstream for a few months we at least upped our television game – thankful there IS good programming lately (The Crown, This Is Us, and Madame Secretary are a few of my faves). Then I got bored and started doing puzzles and playing cards. At my parents’ house I do the crossword in the paper every day. And leave it to my sister to get me the NY Times crossword a day calendar for Christmas. I do love them. But when I’m done, it’s over. Reading and writing is a more creative process. Nothing seems to get my brain into overdrive like reading and writing. When it makes you feel good, you crave it and when you crave it, a habit develops. Cheers to a few GOOD habits in the new year!

I did jail break a few times. Went for a couple walks – the one in the snow was perhaps a lapse in judgment. Went to a few movies – matinees actually, made me feel rather old. We had taken the kids to see Sing which was actually quite adorable. But I wanted a little sophistication. I can’t remember where I saw or heard about it but Collateral Beauty was the first itch I needed to scratch. A multi-kleenex movie to be sure. On a friend’s recommendation we saw Hidden Figures which did make me cry in one scene but also made me laugh a lot, which was great since it primarily dealt with the heavy issue of segregation. Mom wanted to see La La Land after it won all the Golden Globes so we joined all the other curious cats wondering what a modern Hollywood musical looked like.

I think I’m due for a good war documentary next. Don’t want to get all starry eyed now…