Vasa Park (Bellevue)

Vasa Park Resort on the southwest corner of Lake Sammamish was our very first campsite after picking up the Airstream from the dealership. I was still working through the October tax deadline and this was the most “convenient” yet scenic spot from which to commute. I use convenient loosely because Seattle traffic is a nightmare. But the park is right on the Lake Samm bike loop that I (and many other east siders) ride regularly making it very appealing for us triathlete types. Susie, the camp hostess, is great. Tom got to hang out and chat with her during the day while I was busy at the office. There are only 6 or 7 year round spots – they close the grass ones for the rainy season – and the camp isn’t huge so reservations were hard to come by, even into October. We bounced around different spots but did get to spend a few nights in the primo location closest to the water. There is overflow parking across the street and Susie even let us park my car there when we left on the weekends. The population was an interesting mix of retired full timers, vintage airstreamers, biker dudes, pop-up campers, and tent campers. Kudos to the tent guys who lived it up by the campfire even in the constant rain. We stayed here off and on for about a month and the only downside was having to be off sewer for some short stretches. This mainly limits showering because the gray water tank gets full really fast from showers and dishwashing. We’ll need to get better at that for when we want to boondock (paper plates will be our friend). We do try to maximize the use of showers at the gym post-swim. Overall Vasa is like a little family campground and we are definitely on the waitlist for a long term stay for tax season.

our first spot!


best spot on the lake